Speakers Corner 2023

This past Thursday, February 9th, three students: Peter Klein (IV.C), Lukáš Baranovič (IV.C), and Natália Martonová (IV.B); as well as, Professor Megan Freudenberg (one of the judges) attended the Speaker’s Corner of 2023 in Žilina, Slovakia at Súkromné Gymnázium.
The students were placed in the bilingual category, from our school, and given a few examples of topics to pick from for their speeches. This competition is a great „stepping stone“ for MATURITA.
There were two rounds: In the first round, each of our students went against other students from other schools, individually, in the billingual category speeching about their topic of choice. Then, the top three students from each category: Juniors, Intermediate, Seniors, and Billingual made it to the final round. One of our students: Peter Martin Klein (IV.C) made it to the FINALS and ended up in 3RD PLACE!