Lýceum audio dramas


Dear students and colleagues,

On behalf of Profs. Black, Norberg and myself, and everyone in the English department who voted on the audio drama awards, I would like to announce the following winners:

Overall sound quality: VA1 Role Models
Editing: VA2 The Village
Music: VC1 Salsa, Please
Script: VB2 The Importance of Being Honest
Humor: VC2 The Bad, the Stupid, and the Fraud
Sound effects: VA2 The Village
Ensemble: VB1 Dangerous Game
Overall quality: VA1 Role Models

Best Actor: Viliam Kittler (Coddy in The Bad, the Stupid, and the Fraud)
Best Actress: Hanka Slobodová (Diana in Role Models)
Best Supporting Actor: Samuel Hroboň (Otis in Role Models)
Best Supporting Actress: Veronika Baníková (Narrator in The Village)


These are, of course, minor achievements in comparison to graduating from high school, but we still want to congratulate everyone involved in the dramas on their hard work, creativity, persistence and flexibility in completing these dramas amid the chaos of last spring.


Gratulujeme všetkým!


Nick Sveholm